GMR Supercharger Kit (4.3L V8 Vantage)


The ultimate power-adder for your Aston Martin V8 Vantage! GMR’s supercharger kit bolts on and adds 170+ bhp and loads of torque to the 4.3L V8 Vantage. Go from 380 bhp to 550 bhp or more (the test car hit 570 bhp), with massively improved torque, better throttle response, and even better fuel efficiency – well, better fuel efficiency in “normal” driving.

There are two kits available with a few options to choose from. See Ordering Notes below for more information about the kits, options, and precautions.

Due to the high cost of this product, a credit card transaction fee is included. A bank wire can be used for payment, in which case the cost will be reduced by $500-900 (depending on order value). Please contact me if you are interested in a bank wire payment.

This is a special order item, please expect extra time for delivery. They are listed as “On Backorder” to manage delivery expectations in case of delay.

Ordering Notes

There are two main kits offered: the Wet Kit and the Dry Kit. Both kits require professional installation. The carbon fiber supercharger cover (pictured) is included.

The Dry Kit produces 550 bhp with 9.5 psi of peak boost. The Dry Kit cannot be further expanded like the Wet Kit. It’s the best option for anyone that wants to keep costs low, doesn’t live in an extremely hot climate, or does little to no track time.

The Wet Kit is an enhanced version of the Dry Kit – it uses the same supercharger but a different intake manifold, which is designed for the water injection system that helps keep intake temperatures cool even in demanding settings. The water injection also makes it possible to further enhance the supercharger system for more power (development is currently underway). It’s the best option for anyone that lives in an extremely hot climate, does a lot of track time, or wants to get the most power they can out of their engine.

Everything needed for installation is included with these supercharger kits, but an upgraded clutch is highly recommended. There is an option to add GMR’s high-flow cats and headers to the kit.

GMR’s high-flow cats are required for the 4.3L V8 engine unless using cat-delete pipes (a fully cat-less exhaust system). GMR cannot guarantee the performance or reliability of their supercharger kits if any other catalytic converters are used with them, and doing so will void any warranty provided by GMR.

GMR’s headers are optional for the 4.3L V8 engine.


As with any engine, the addition of forced inductions comes with inherent risks. The engine’s condition should be checked prior to ordering or installation of the supercharger kit. This includes but is not limited to full diagnostics using an AMDS, performing a compression test, checking short-term and long-term fuel trims, performing full and routine maintenance, and checking the condition of all relevant ancillaries.

Either GMR’s high-flow cats or cat-delete pipes must be used with these supercharger kits. Use of OEM catalytic converters or those from another company will void GMR’s warranty.

We highly recommend using an upgraded clutch with this product due to the greatly increased torque output. The factory single-plate clutch won’t last long!

Shipping Notes

This is a special order item. Please allow extra time for delivery.

Kit Type

Dry, Wet

GMR Cats

Do not include, Include cats

GMR Headers

Do not include, Include headers

Parts Information

Make Model Year
Aston Martin V8 Vantage 2005
Aston Martin V8 Vantage 2006
Aston Martin V8 Vantage 2007
Aston Martin V8 Vantage 2008