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  • Airbag Bolt Sleeves


    Have a rattle coming from your steering wheel? These very well may be the culprit! These sleeves go over the bolts that hold the airbag inside your steering wheel. They’re easy to change out yourself using my DIY Guide for replacing the steering wheel.

    These are sold as a pair. One order is needed per car.

  • Cabin Filter (2nd Century)


    Cabin air filters are a maintenance item that need to be changed annually. They eliminate odors and capture dirt, pollen, even leaves and bugs, to prevent them from getting into your car’s cabin and HVAC system.

    This OEM Aston Martin cabin filter is for 2nd Century cars including the DB11, DBS Superleggera, and “New” (AM6) Vantage.

  • Cabin Filter (Gaydon era)


    Cabin filters for Gaydon-era Aston Martins. These are non-OEM replacements that are high quality but far less expensive than what a dealership charges.

    These cabin filters have a carbon-activated filtration element that not only reduces dust ingestion in the car’s HVAC system, but also helps stop pollen, mold, and odors.

    Want to change these out yourself? Check out the Redpants DIY Guide!

    These are sold as a pair. Only one order is needed per car.

  • Cobra Nogaro Seats


    Not staying secure in your seat during spirited driving or are you flopping around the cabin during track days? Swap them out for Cobra Nogaros!

    The Cobra Nogaro is a fixed-back bucket seat with low hip bolsters, allowing it to be easily and comfortably used in daily driving while also providing ample bolstering to keep you in place even during hard cornering.

    Pricing is per seat. Installation hardware is included. See Ordering Notes below for more information.


  • DBS Shift Knob


    The mack-daddy of Aston Martin shift knobs, this bad boy is machined from a single piece of aluminum. It’s big and weighty and provides a little easier shifting due to that weight.

    Originally fitted in the DBS and later in the V12 Vantage, this shift knob fits all 2005-and newer V8 Vantage, V12 Vantage, DB9, and DBS cars with a manual transmission. It will also fit the V12 Vantage S with the 7-speed “dogleg” manual, however the 6-speed shift pattern shown on this knob will not match the shift pattern of that car.

    If you’re installing it yourself, here’s a DIY guide.

  • ECPS Door Bars (DB9/DBS, Virage, V8/V12 Vantage)


    Beautiful, hand-crafted carbon fiber from the experts at ECPS!

    These door bars are sold as a pair. One order will include both of the door bars needed for one car. The door latches will need to be switched over from the original door bars. The linings on the backside of the OEM door bars are not used with these carbon fiber ones.

    There are two versions available: Type 1 and Type 2. See the Version Types section below for more information.

    Replacing the OEM door bars with new ones is a bit tricky, but I’ve got a DIY Guide to help you out.

    See the Ordering Notes below for more information about delivery timeframes for ECPS products.

  • ECPS Door Sill Scuff Plates (DB9/DBS, Virage, V8/V12 Vantage)


    Beautiful, hand-crafted carbon fiber from the experts at ECPS!

    The door sill scuff plates are one of the first things you see when you open the door of your Aston Martin, so why not add a bit of excitement to them? Not only do these carbon fiber ones look more sporty, the pair also weigh 4 lbs less than the OEM aluminum plates!

    All of these scuff plates are the same style, but designed to fit each car. So, if you have a DB9 with the grooved aluminum sill and embedded leather pad, the ECPS version will eliminate the grooves and pad. Instead, it’ll be a smooth carbon fiber as seen in the product pictures.

    Want to further customize your Aston Martin? Check out these personalized sill plaques to add in with these scuff plates.

    These are sold as a pair, so one order includes a scuff plate for each side of the car, and installing them is a quick and easy job.

    See the Ordering Notes below for more information about delivery timeframes for ECPS products.

  • ECPS Shifter Surround


    Beautiful, hand-crafted carbon fiber from the experts at ECPS!

    Fitment is for the V8 and V12 Vantage, DB9, and DBS with manual transmission.

    See the Ordering Notes below for more information about delivery timeframes for ECPS products.

  • Engine and Sill Plaques


    Personalize your Aston Martin with these customizable plaques!

    You can put just about anything on them, space and detail allowing. Or you can just get a replica of your original items to freshen up their look, especially if you’re doing it at the same time as a set of new door sill scuff plates or an engine slam panel.

    See below for ordering notes and more information.

    (Also, don’t mind any smudges on the product pictures, that was just my grimy fingers…)

    This is a made-to-order product.

  • Fastener (Alcantara Fir Tree)


    OEM fir tree clip with Alcantara cover from Aston Martin. These are very easy to break when removing them from the car so you should expect to replace them when doing a job that involves them, like repairing your headliner.

    Sold as a pack of 2.

    Please verify you have the correct color before ordering. Due to the fragile nature of this product, it is not eligible for return – all sales of this item are final.

  • Lamy Pen


    Aston Martin added a neat little pen to the cockpit of the V8 Vantage when it was updated for the 2008 model year. Unfortunately, that pen often goes missing and leaves a hole in the console. It also makes a great gift!

    This is an OEM item from Aston Martin. It is a short pen with a chrome finish and has the Aston Martin logo etched into it.

  • LED Map Lights


    A quick and easy way to update the interior of an early Aston Martin DB9 or V8 Vantage is to replace the dim yellow map lights with these bright white ones. They’re a direct replacement for the original bulbs. Check out my DIY Guide if you want to install them yourself.

    These bulbs are sold as a pair, so one order will contain the bulbs for both map lights.