Terms and Conditions

Any order placed with Redpants, LLC, is bound by these Terms and Conditions. By placing an order with Redpants, LLC, the customer acknowledges these Terms and Conditions have been fully read and understood by the customer, and the customer agrees to them in their entirety.

Nobody likes these things, but they’re a necessary evil and have been written due to experiences that have demanded them. The bottom line is they’re made to set expectations for customers and to protect Redpants as a business. If you have any questions about anything here, please contact me.


The information provided on the Redpants website, Unzipped website, or any other website or platform, and information provided directly or indirectly by Richard Seidlitz, Redpants, or its affiliates, is for guidance purposes and may be incomplete or inaccurate. Use of any information or product from Redpants is at your own risk and Redpants has no liability for anything that may occur. Validity or completeness of information is not guaranteed, implicitly or explicitly.

Do not attempt any task for which you are not qualified, fully understand, and are able to complete properly.


Redpants, LLC, the Redpants website (www.Redpants.lol and its various pages), the Redpants Online Store (shop.redpants.lol and its various pages) and Redpants affiliates, including but not limited to Redpants Unzipped and Redpants/Redpants Unzipped social media accounts, and the various interactions and inputs of Richard Seidlitz, are collectively known as “Redpants” in general.

The parts and products sold, promoted, or marketed by Redpants may not conform with local, regional, or national laws and it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure compliance with any and all relevant laws and regulations. Additionally, aftermarket products and items sourced and/or installed by a third party may void the warranty of a vehicle.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time and without notice. Any incident not specifically covered in these Terms and Conditions will be handled at the sole discretion of Redpants and use of any Redpants platform, website, Online Store, account, or information provided through them shall be considered consent to these Terms and Conditions.

If you’re emailing about an order that you placed, please include your order number. This will be the first (and only) thing asked for in response if an order number is not provided, and it will be needed before the order can be checked.

Off-Road Use Only

Many products sold by Redpants are not designed, intended, or certified for use on public roads and as such are sold as off-road use only items. Such products may include exhaust systems, lighting equipment, or other items. The use of products that do not comply with local, regional, or national laws on public roads is done at the customer’s own risk and the customer takes full responsibility for any violation of those laws. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they are complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

By purchasing and/or using any products that do not comply with applicable laws, the customer absolves Redpants, our affiliates, and the manufacturers of any product sold, promoted, or marketed by Redpants or our affiliates of any and all responsibility or liability for any fines or penalties incurred by the use and/or misuse of these products.

Parts and Products Warranties

Any warranties for products sold, promoted, or marketed by Redpants or our affiliates are provided by the manufacturer of those products. Warranty claims should be handled with the manufacturer, but Redpants will assist if possible. Improper installation, misuse of the product, or a violation of any Terms & Conditions of Redpants, our affiliates, or product manufacturers will void any applicable warranties.

Diagnosis and Repair Products

The parts and products sold by Redpants are not guaranteed to fix any current or potential issue with a vehicle. Because diagnosis or repair cannot be guaranteed by Redpants, any products purchased with the intention of remedying a problem are sold as-is and the sale is considered final.


It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they are ordering the correct parts. If incorrect parts are ordered, returns and replacements will be handled according to the Returns and Refunds policies described in these Terms & Conditions.

A complete and accurate delivery address is required for all orders. If the delivery address provided for an order is not complete or accurate, the order may not be delivered to the customer. A customer providing incomplete or inaccurate delivery address will be liable for the cost of a return or repeat shipment. This includes but is not limited to missing apartment/suite/unit numbers, partial street names, or lack of clarity in the delivery receiver.

Shipping Options at Checkout

Items ship based on a variety of factors including where the parts are warehoused, where the customer’s delivery address is located, and the type of item being shipped. The stated shipping method during checkout may not be accurate for some or all of the order.

For example: A shipment that includes a set of BC Forged wheels, some Motul engine oil, and an Oil Change Package may say “FedEx – Multi-Source Shipping” as the shipping option during checkout. However, it’s possible none of this will ship via FedEx at all. The wheels will ship via UPS, the Motul fluids will ship separately via UPS, and the Oil Change Package will ship via either USPS or FedEx.

Shipping options are not guaranteed. Redpants reserves the right to ship by any shipping method appropriate for completion of the order. This includes but is not limited to the use of different shipping carriers (for example, using USPS instead of FedEx) or different shipping methods.


Redpants does not offer expedited shipping methods. There are a variety of shipping methods available during checkout depending on the item(s) being ordered and the location from which the item(s) will ship. Generally speaking for US-Domestic shipments, FedEx Express Saver and USPS Priority take about the same time, and UPS Ground takes the longest. FedEx and DHL are generally used for international shipments.

While we do make every effort to ship orders promptly, delays can and do occur to both shipments and delivery. This may be caused by any number of factors outside the control of Redpants or our distributors, including but not limited to back-ordered parts, carrier delays, customs in the exporting or importing country, and/or incomplete or inaccurate delivery addresses.

Neither Redpants nor our distributors are liable for missed appointments due to delayed or missing orders. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have all the parts needed for an appointment prior to booking that appointment.

Shipping costs are non-negotiable. If a shipping cost is charged at a higher rate than the actual cost, a refund will not be provided. Redpants reserves the right to cancel orders with insufficient shipping costs paid. Orders will not ship until payment has been received in full, including orders that require an additional shipping payment.

Missing or Damaged Shipments

Redpants is not responsible for orders that were lost or damaged during shipping. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect a shipment at the time of delivery and make note of any lost or damaged items. If a shipment is missing (not delivered) or is delivered in a damaged state, a claim must be filed with the shipping carrier that delivered that shipment. Claims filed with shipping carriers are subject to the Terms & Conditions of those shipping carriers. Redpants does include carrier insurance for shipments and will assist as much as possible if there are any issues with a shipment.

Import Duties and Carrier Fees

Import duties or other fees charged to the customer by a shipping company are the responsibility of the customer. Import duties are highly variable and often inconsistent so they are not included in shipping charges from Redpants. Also, import duties and carrier fees are charged directly to the receiver of the delivery by the carrier (the shipping company) so Redpants is not involved with these fees.

Import duties vary based on customer location, shipment origination, and order value. Redpants cannot change or affect the costs of these duties – those are controlled by the government in the customer’s country and/or where the order is being delivered.

Exception: BC Forged includes import duties in their flat-rate shipping fee to customers in the United States and Canada. Customers outside the US and Canada may be charged an import duty for BC Forged wheels.

Returns, Refunds, and Cancellations

NOTE: Please read this section in its entirety if you plan to return or cancel an order.

All requests to return or cancel an order must be submitted by email and submitted to Rich@Redpants.LOL or through the Contact page. No other methods used to request a return or cancellation will be accepted, nor will they be received if sent to any other email address or recipient. Refunds must be requested by the customer and approved by Redpants prior to the order being returned. Returned items without an approved request will not be refunded. A printed copy of the original order confirmation email must be included with the returned parts. A refund will not be provided for returned parts if the print-out of the order confirmation is not included with the returned parts.

Returns for refunds must be requested within 30 days of delivery of that order and the returned items must be received by Redpants within 15 days from the date of request unless otherwise approved by Redpants in advance. This applies to any and all products eligible for return.

Made-to-order products cannot be cancelled once manufacturing has begun, and these products are not eligible for return. Once manufacturing of a made-to-order product has begun, that sale is considered final.

Returned products are subject to a 20% restocking fee, which will be deducted from the refund. This applies to any and all products eligible for return unless otherwise specified in these Terms and Conditions. Cancelled orders for special order items are also subject to this fee regardless of whether or not the order has already shipped.

Customers are responsible for shipping costs when returning items. Shipping costs will not be refunded for any returned orders, including the original order shipment and the return shipment of that order.

Backorder Items

Many items sold by Redpants are kept in stock at Redpants or with our distributors and are restocked when inventory levels run low. If these items are sold out before they can be restocked, they will be put on backorder. An item on backorder may or may not be available for purchase. A backordered item that is available for purchase will ship once it is back in stock. Any items in an order that would ship with a backordered item will not ship until that backordered item is back in stock.

If an order is placed that contains a backordered item, the portion of the shipment that includes the backordered item will not ship until that item in back in stock. If a customer wants separate shipments to get the other items more quickly, separate shipping must be paid to cover the additional shipment.

While I do my best to keep products in stock and only list items as “available on backorder” if I expect them to be resupplied quickly, there are delays that can (and sometimes do) occur outside of Redpants’ or our suppliers’ control.

Coupons and Package Discounts

Discounts, coupons, or other savings (collectively, “price reductions”) are only available if all conditions are met. Conditions are subject to change at any time. Price deductions will be shown in the product listings, shopping cart, and/or during checkout and the price paid at checkout is inclusive of any price reductions that apply. Price reductions cannot be applied to an order retroactively and are not available outside of their promotional periods.

Price reductions applied to package deals are forfeit if part of the package is canceled or returned.

Garage Sale Listings

Garage Sale listings are for items that are not normally kept in stock but “on the shelf” at Redpants. Inventory of Garage Sale items is not renewed so once they sell out, the listing will be removed. Sales for Garage Sale items are final – no returns, refunds, or exchanges will be accepted.

Garage Sale items are in new or like-new condition unless stated otherwise.