Foxwell NT530


An OBDII reader is one of the most important things to have in your toolbox if you work on your own car. It’ll allow you to read and delete error codes, track live data, and even adjust certain vehicle settings.

This product listing is for the NT530. Click here for the NT710. Scroll down for more information about the similarities and differences.

Foxwell OBDII tools from Redpants come pre-loaded with software for Aston Martin!

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Foxwell NT530 vs NT710

Not sure which to get? Here’s a nifty chart to summarize the differences.

The NT530 and NT710 both have the functionality – the difference is in the hardware.

  • The NT710 is faster and more responsive.
  • The NT710 has a much larger screen.
  • The NT530 uses buttons, the NT710 uses a touch screen.
  • The NT530 needs to be connected to a Windows computer to update its software, the NT710 can do it wirelessly over wifi.
  • Both can have additional software added for other vehicle manufacturers (additional fees apply).
  • Neither support control module coding/programming or key programming.


This product is kept in stock at Redpants in the USA.

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