Motul Gear 300


This Motul alternative costs about 1/3 the price, making it another way to help keep Aston Martin ownership costs down. If you do the job yourself, you’ll save even more. The bottles for both Motul Gear 300 and Castrol BOT270A have an extending nozzle, so you can fill your gearbox without a pump!

Sold in 1L bottles.

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Not sure whether to get Motul Gear 300 or Castrol BOT270A? Here’s a quick breakdown:

Motul Gear 300 offers more protection than the Castrol BOT270A and costs less as well.
Castrol BOT270A offers smoother shifting than the Motul Gear 300, but at a higher price.
The protection of the Castrol is still adequate for street-driven cars that don’t do much (or any) track time, but if you do plan to track your car, I’d highly recommend the Motul.


Motul fluids ship via UPS ground, regardless of what the shipping option(s) say during checkout.

This product cannot be shipped outside of the USA.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 6 in

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