Powerflex Bushing Package (DB9.1)


Due to supply challenges, this package is no longer available. The items within this package are still available to purchase individually. Scroll down for links to each item.

Check the Fitment Guide below to make sure these items fit your car.


Package Contents

The Front Only option includes:
PFF2-101 front lower control arms front bushings
PFF2-102 front lower control arms rear bushings
PFF2-104 front upper control arms bushings

Note: There are two options for the PFF2-102 kit: Street and Race. The Race version is slightly stiffer than the Street version.

Fitment Guide

2004-2012 Aston Martin DB9 (DB9.1)


This product is kept in stock at Redpants in the USA. It may ship from either Redpants or one of our distributors.


Front Only (Street), Front Only (Race)

Parts Information

Make Model Year
Aston Martin DB9 2005
Aston Martin DB9 2006
Aston Martin DB9 2007
Aston Martin DB9 2008
Aston Martin DB9 2009
Aston Martin DB9 2010
Aston Martin DB9 2011
Aston Martin DB9 2012