TPMS Defeat


Before ordering this product, try leaving the main TPMS module unplugged. On the early cars (MY05-07), this may eliminate the tire pressure warning light.

Tired of having the tire pressure warning light coming on?  This plug-and-play connector fixes that! It installs in seconds and gets rid of that pesky TPMS warning by intercepting the fault signal.  It’s 100% reversible and easy to remove if you want to re-enable your TPMS.

The tire pressure warning light is caused by two main things: 1) The sensor batteries have died, or 2) You’ve removed the sensors entirely.  The batteries in the sensors have a finite lifespan and the sensors are expensive to replace. If you have fitted aftermarket wheels to your car, you may have removed the sensors altogether.  Either way, this gets rid of the warning light.

This product works with 4-wire TPMS modules. It is your responsibility to verify that you have a 4-wire module. Not sure? Try disconnecting your TPMS module. If the fault light goes away, you have the earlier 3-wire system.

This product may NOT WORK with the V8 Vantage S or other vehicles with live readouts of individual tire pressures.

Sold individually. Only one is needed per car.

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Aston Martin DBS 2011
Aston Martin V8 Vantage 2018
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